How it all began?

The local guys all got together and gathered around Varden Street, E1 area with nothing to do.They took a ball to the local park in an attempt to show off their unconvincing football skills. As the group of guys deluded themselves by convincing each other that they still had the speed and agility of their youth! To the young kids in the park it would have seemed like dad's army had arrived for their daily exercise regime.This spell in the park sparked a chain reaction. The guys started attending regular indoor football sessions at Osmani School. The school reunited some more old school friends and along came the interest of others, who were still trying to hold onto their football skills but could not perform to the same standards as in their hay-day, due to what they would claim as being good living; as they guzzled down birianys, kebabs and chicken and chips every night

Some of the new recruits were highly motivated and their enthusiasm and motivation eventually engulfed the whole group.The group entered their first competitive 7 a side tournament, which took place at the famous Sand -pitch, E1. The group had decided to enter for the sake of it and see how far a group of unfit has-been's could progress!

We needed a team name and lord behold as usual all the funny names were put forward but no good ones. We eventually decided to go by the postal area that the majority of players were from, and so East One was born. Little did we know at this stage that we were laying the foundations for the organisation, which we would come to know as 'East One Youth & Community Services’?