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Youth Club The youth club sessions was run every Thursday from 7pm. The club consisted of exercises including story telling about cultural and societal values, working in teams to achieve objectives, interaction with all attendees and training on personal fitness. The sessions ended with a meal for the group; which was designed for the attendees to eat together. The food consisted of a blend of local fast food and healthy snacks to show the youth that eating healthy is not as boring as people think.


Swimming The swimming sessions were very successful and hugely anticipated. It was a big task as the youth workers had to keep a keen eye out due to the need to travel to the swimming facility. The attendees were told of the rules and regulations of the swimming sessions and they were also told of the disciplinary procedures in place if the rules and regulations were not met. Aside from these technicalities, the swimming sessions were a great success and the attendees greatly appreciated the efforts of East One YCS for providing this service at no cost to the attendees.

Saturday Trips Every three weeks, we decided to take the youth to a special activity on a Saturday. The first activity chosen was to attend a session at Revolution go-karting in Mile End. This was a great success and was very enjoyable. The attendees accepted the activity with great anticipation and were extremely well behaved. After the successful go-karting activity, the youth workers decided to choose something which was more educational and also cultural for the next activity. The ‘1001 Muslim Inventions’ event at the Science Museum was chosen due to its cultural relevance to the youth who attended the sessions. All of them were from a Bangladeshi Muslim background, thus this activity was chosen in order to show them that as a British Muslim, they can also go on to do something great in the world. At the end of the day, the attendees left with a feeling of satisfaction and hope for doing something to put their names on the list of British Muslim inventors. They were making revolutionary inventions on their journey home.

Overall Summary The Tarbiyah Night Project was very successful. Initially, the project began with great anticipation. As it was new to the Bethnal Green area, we were doubtful of youth attendance. However, from the initial stages, there was a good turnout. The youth club sessions had an extremely positive outcome, and the youth showed encouraging signs of interaction and positive signs of team work.